Chronixx “Spirulina”

Chronixx Dread and Terrible EP Cover Art

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We live in a fast food culture. From McDonald’s Dollar Menu, where you can get a toxic burger for 99 cents, to iTunes’ music store where you can get the latest Rick Ross track boasting of opulent lobsters and Wing Stop franchises, there are a lot of cheap, fast products out there that offer very little in the way of substance and nutrition. Enter Chronixx, the 20 something year old Jamaican sensation who provides an updated roots reggae vibe that bangs in 2014, but also feels right at home in a playlist next to the conscious sounds of Dennis Brown and Rod Taylor.

Chronixx, who follows a vegan lifestyle, offers up this track, “Spirulina”, which is good food for your ears with a message that is good for your body. If you’ve heard of the benefits of a vegan diet, but have been hesitant to ditch the lobsters and chicken wings for whatever reason, let “Spirulina” give you a bit of inspiration. “Let your food be your medicine, your medicine your food” and click play.


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